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About Us

Leonard is Randy's right hand man

Anaheim Automotive Expert Randy Bucholtz started working on cars, especially engines and automatic transmissions, at a very early age. By the time he was 16, he was already tearing down and rebuilding transmissions for his Father's business.​

In 1976 he opened Randy's Transmission Shop also known as Anaheim Automotive and grew from there. We are spending so much more time Installing Timing Belts, Water Pumps, Brake Repair and in the summer, Auto Air Conditioning on the newer vehicles because they are driven so much more.

​Now 48 years later, Randy and younger brother Leonard own one of the Top Engine, Transmission  and Automotive Repair Facilities in Orange County, Ca. 92804

Choose Us


Randy proudly points out that he has one of the only Transmission and Engine Repair Shops in all of Orange County that is AAA approved. We work hard to help keep the costs of your repairs and maintenance as low as possible. Plus keeping you SAFE.

Just visit or call us! You’ll quickly find that we are a very nice group of people who do their best in taking care of whatever problems you may have with your car, truck, SUV or small motor home.

Remember: There's no pressure here. If You Don't Need it, We Won't Sell it.

Plus we'll explain and show you anything you want or need to see. 

Our shop is equipped with state of the art diagnostic equipment so that we can interface with your vehicle's computer and troubleshoot complex automotive and transmission problems. Also summer's coming! Let's get your Auto Air Conditioning checked and serviced. ​​​

​Call Leonard or Randy at 714.821.1800

 We also support the Cap Crusaders
We are a group of individuals that knit and crochet chemo caps for cancer patients.
 Since 2007, we have provided over 65,187 caps.
Facebook Cap Crusaders 
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