Brakes-Rotors-Pads- Shoes

If Your Brakes Squeal, Grind, Grab or just your Brake Pedal pulsates or goes to the floor. 

You need to come to Randy's Automotive and have your brakes checked for free. 

We feel you need to have your brakes checked about every 15,000 miles to be safe.

It's FREE!

Brake Hoses

Brake Drum

Different Types of Brake Pads.

Very Dangerous Brakes

Brake Rotor and Caliper

Brake Shoes

This is a basic view of Brake Parts to help you understand

Always do the Job Right

When doing a brake job, you always want to Machine the Rotors if your not replacing them. You need a smooth surface for the new replacement pads to seat in.

It make for a perfect brake job. Also remember there is many Grades of Brake Pads and Brake Shoes and that makes for different prices. Randy's Automotive price the job for what you need to be safe in all driving habits.

230 S Magnolia Ave, Anaheim, CA 92804, USA

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