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You need to come in for vehicle Estimates now a days.

People need to come in for estimates now a days. There is so many things to consider when pricing a job quote. OEM parts, after market parts, rebuilt parts and used parts. Lets just talk about brakes. There is about 5 different grade levels of brake pads. You can install cheap pads and it makes the job quote sound great but the factory didn't put them on and you won't stop the same. Plus if you're a heavy footed driver or you have a van that halls lots of people you would wants a better quality brake pad. Some vehicles now even have brake sensors in them to help the consumer stop better.

That's why, now a days all repairs need to be done right the first time and as a shop owner it's our job to do it right.

So know matter what the repair is.

Remember always get a job quote in person at all times.

They just can't see what's needed. Phone calls are a waste.


Know who your talking too. It's your money and life.

Thank you Randy

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