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If you need a engine or transmission We Love Jasper Engines and Transmissions, USA.

In business, sometimes you need to look at the bad side. Why? Because if a engine or transmission job that goes wrong and comes back to us. We loose MONEY and have a unhappy customer. But with Jasper Engines we are paid by them to repair or replace whatever is needed. That's great for us and the customer. Jasper Engines and Transmissions make the best remanufactured products in the USA. They thrive on making the best dyno tested and factory updated engines and transmissions that give you no problems. Remember rechecks, come backs or just failures make you loose money and customer satisfaction. Here at Randy's Automotive we want the best for our customers.Check out Jasper at. Facebook. is the reman company site.

Tip of the Day! For those of you that still have to insert a key in the ignition, try and not have a large amount of keys all tied together. Thats a lot of weight on the ignition switch, causing the switch to wear out faster and could cost you 4 to $800 to repair.

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