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Vehicle Maintenance is a must for todays cars and trucks.

The cars and trucks of today need to be taken care of. Vehicles are not cheap and must be well maintained to save you on expensive repairs. Also remember when your vehicle gets to 75,000. Start checking and listening for noises, water leaks. That's about the time you could need a water pump, timing belt, hoses, even possible radiator. Sometimes if one thing goes bad others are coming but if you look ahead you could save money and do extra maintenance before something else happens. Come in for all your Automotive Repair and Maintenance here in Anaheim. We handle it all and remember, If you Don't Need It, We Won't Sell It. Stop and see us Today. Leonard and Randy are glad to help.

GREAT Tip Of The Day! Try and never let the gas level in your Fuel Tank get below a 1/4 of a tank. The reason is, The gas in the tank keeps your fuel pump nice and cool. To replace a fuel pump, parts and labor is about $800.00. So always keep gas in your vehicle. Stop running it almost dry.

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