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This is what we check, on a FREE Brake Inspection:

In today's world, we always seem to be in a hurry and on the road going somewhere. With the cost of vehicles today, people are keeping there cars and trucks longer. Once you get about 75,000 miles on your vehicle you need to check it a little more often. When it comes to Brakes, we check everything. Safety Is # One!

  • pads (and/or shoes)

  • calipers

  • rotors (and/or drums)

  • wheel cylinders

  • hardware (springs and adjusters)

  • rubber hoses (check for cracks)

  • parking brake cables

  • fluid condition

  • wheel bearings and grease seals

  • master cylinder fluid exchange

  • Checking all the parts of your brake system is so important.

  • This is one more extra thing I talk to people about. Take the time to check there oil and fluid levels about every 4,000 miles and if it needs a quart of oil at that time, start checking things even a little sooner. It's important to just keep good maintenance and make it a point to check your vehicles fluid levels. I even have some of my Seniors come in just to check there fluids for FREE to help them out. Anyone of our Team here at Randy's Automotive will take 5 minutes for FREE Inspection. All this just, saves the customer money on brake downs and we don't want that. I tell people when you get 100,000 miles and more check your fluids every other tank of gas.

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